I had no desire to write until I reconnected with Mars. He inspires me. He keeps me honest and open. He’s actually the reason I share my thoughts on a blog.I tried for the past 6 months to convince myself I didn’t care and I was over him, but as soon as I saw him… I started beaming light . My heart was so full. He just feels like home. He tells me that when I’m around he feels at peace and I can truly relate. We were surrounded by dozens of people, but I only saw him. I only felt him. My eyes were locked in his and our energies just merged. I truly feel as though I enter a parallel universe when I’m with him, and that hasn’t changed since the first conversation we had back in 2015. It wasn’t love at first sight, but I knew he was meant to be in my life the moment we saw each other and our paths crossed. 

Now that I’m back in Jacksonville, I feel empty. I feel like a part of me was left in Tampa. I try to find a sliver of what we had but no one compares. And regardless of the distance or the amount of time we go without talking, he’s always the one. He called me to tell me he missed me and that he was going to work on a way to get me back to Tampa permanently. 

His voice brings comfort. 

Two times I ran away from his love, but I had to grow and now I’m ready. I’m ready to let him in and build with him. I just hope I’m not too late.


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