I feel as though my life is in a whirlwind. This past week especially has been filled with ups and downs, but at this current moment I feel hopeful. This time last Thursday, I felt as though my heart had been ripped out and the ground pulled from under me. I was so hurt, so disgusted and so angry. But then I met someone later that night and they sparked a curiosity within me. He forced me to think about things I tried so hard to ignore, and that made me want to know more; to learn more. It’s so nice to find someone that’s so attentive to your needs, the way you act, react, etc. He truly takes the time to understand me completely. He pushes me to create again, to write again. I try to make excuses that I’m uninspired or running from reality, but he knows the truth. He knows why I won’t put pen to paper or a paintbrush to a canvas. 
Anyway, I’m just really satisfied with the direction my life is heading. I’m excited for this move and the change that’s about to come. I know I’m moving one step closer to the path I’m destined to take. 


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