The reason I love you.. 


Love. Love is the small details that bring you together. The parts of yourself that no one is exposed to except the one you have given your all to. They see you in a way that no one else can. Do you ever wonder why? Why do we belong together? What draws us to one another? I was surprised to see my thoughts expressed so clearly in the film Mr. nobody. For once, there was others who perceive love in the same poetic way that I do.
“what happens when we fall in love? As a result of certain stimuli, the hypothalamus releases a powerful discharge of endorphins… But why exactly that woman or that man? Is there a release of odorless pheromones that correspond to our complementary genetic signal? Or is it physical features that we recognize? A mothers eyes… A smell that stimulates a happy memory. Is love part of a plan?”
Do any of us ever actually stop to think about the features that draw us to our loved one? Do those eyes reflect your past when you stare deeply into them? Is his skin as soft as your father’s when he embraced you? The lips… Do the lips feel like the lips of your first love? Everyone is intertwined with one another, but most of us are not fortunate enough to discover why. Too many people focus on the bigger picture rather than the detailS that create the picture.


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