Natural Love

It always catches me off guard when people try to say my idea of love is wrong, because there is no universal definition for love. Love is whatever an individual perceives it to be. More often than not, people mistake lust and infatuation for love though. The concept of love gets blurred with the inability to be alone. I have realized people fear being alone more than they fear death.
Many want the perfectly painted picture of love, because in their eyes love equates to happiness. I want the details, I want the flaws that made the picture into what it is. I want to know the story of how that picture came about. I am not looking to “fall in love,” I’m trying to “stand in love.” I want me and my other half to communicate openly and honestly with mutual respect. We will strive together and build each other up. We would give ourselves to one another in all aspects possible. I admit though, when I was younger I dreamed of a fairytale love story. When I say younger, I do not mean a child, I’m referring to my teenage years. I was saving my virginity for my prince, because I wanted to be pure and untouched for him. I wanted to be perfect; I was a foolish girl falling victim to the standards of society. But you know, it was always easier to dream than accept reality. I realized now that, I would have set my partner up for failure. I would have such high standards and expectations that no one could possibly ever meet them. Now that I have matured, I crave everything about “true” and “real” love. More importantly, I desire to live through the experiences that lead up to love. I yearn for the journey towards my happy ending.

At this point in my life, I am more focused on the connection that builds between two people. When you connect with someone, the force is magnetic, powerful, and amazingly beautiful. The intimacy is real and overwhelmingly passionate. I have only experienced it twice at two different points in my life and regardless of how it ended, it changed me. It changed me for the better, and it allowed me to see that my idea of love was not too far-fetched; it is attainable.

There are six types of love, but people fail to realize. They assume there is only one way you can love an individual, but if you open your mind you will see there is not. Personally, I yearn for the storge type of love. The love that builds gradually, based on genuine feelings and understanding. The type of love that results from friendship; a natural love.


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