I Wanted It To Be You..

I have been writing for hours; once I put the pen to paper, my thoughts flow endlessly. It is truly remarkable how engulfed I become in my writing. I was awakened from my trance by knocks on the front door. I was disappointed to peek through the peep hole to see a young man trying to sell something, because a part of me was hoping it would be him. It’s silly of me to even have that thought cross my mind,because it is absurd to think he would randomly drop by to drink coffee and converse. I just really appreciate the conversations he and I have about any and every thing, and I wish they occurred more often. Lately, I have been starting to appreciate face-to-face conversation a lot more. I had become so accustomed to sending a text message which is so impersonal. I yearn for that personal bond now. I crave it. I want it. I need it.


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