Sadness does equate to depression 

Too many people use the words ‘sad’ and ‘depressed’ interchangeably, but they aren’t the same. To view depression only as sadness you are minimizing the illness. There are people who suffer from depression, and do not even experience sadness. Sadness is a normal response, an emotion. Depression is an illness, sometimes “treatable.” So once more, sadness does not equate to depression. Sadness is a response to situations that occur in a hurtful way. Depression is a real, life-altering illness. To minimize depression, you are insulting the thousands of lives lost to it annually. “I broke my phone, I’m so depressed.” Misuse of a term. “He dumped me, I’m depressed.” Another misuse of the term. Do research, open a book. You stay on your phone, utilize Google. Please think before you speak. That is all on that topic. 


2 thoughts on “Sadness does equate to depression 

  1. I agree. People also overuse the word “abuse”. A friend recently told me that he thought teaching religion (that he didn’t believe in) in schools was a form of child abuse. I told him it wasn’t abuse. Then I told him I had been abused for real. Then he shut up.

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