“Just get over it.” Hmm, just go fuck yourself.

People never care about anyone or anything that doesn’t affect them personally. “Don’t mock a pain you have yet to endure.” It’s cool though, I’ll continue to fight these battles on my own. Since my ailments are nothing but a “negative” burden. Try living it.. It’s just sad how some will do all they can for friends, but could care less about their family. What is “family” nowadays? I am currently battling depression, PTSD, OCD, fucking ADD that ruins my life, an autoimmune disease, and a worsening blood infection. I spend more time in the hospital than I do on my college campus, so excuse me if my hardships burden you. I didn’t know me struggling was detrimental to your well-being. I didn’t know my fight to find a cure was hurting you. Ugh! People… And then they wonder why sometimes I’m just like what am I fighting for? I have no one in my life that gives a damn or offers support. Only compassion I receive is from my dogs and Doctor.

Sadly, I actually had a friend get mad at me because I am “sick almost damn everyday” which puts him in a bind because he needs a ride. That is not my problem. Literally could be on my death bed and people will complain because I can’t meet their needs.

I could be on my death bed and saying my farewells, and my sister would call me negative and say “I don’t need this right now.” Then leave my side like you always do. 

Rant over.


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