Intertwined lives..

The other day I was discussing relationships with my friend. She talked about how relationships tend to be too much work to the point where it’s not even worth her time. I beg to differ, because I don’t think relationships are necessarily “work.” Yes, there will be compromises and fights along the way but it’s because you are still discovering each other and trying to find a happy medium. It’s not “work,” it’s life. Life is all about trials and tribulations, and relationships are not different. You are blending two lives together, so yes it will be hard but it can be worth it. Another problem is I believe we idolize the relationships of celebrities too much and we set unachievable goals for what we want; therefore, we set ourselves up for failure. Why can’t we just appreciate the person we have? Why can’t we just enjoy our relationships without wishing for it to be something else? Why do we set standards for love? Feelings are feelings and no two relationships are the same. I don’t care about the disagreements we had in the past, and I do not set myself up by planning a future that may not happen. I appreciate each day on its own, because if I worry too much about what has yet to happen then I am unable to enjoy what we have. 

My friend also said that she does not like to have her happiness depend on someone else. My happiness depends on me, as it should be for all people. The addition of another is to enhance your life, not to become the foundation for it.


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