Cleanse the body, mind, and soul.. 

Within the past month or so, I have been detoxing my body of the abundance of prescribed medications. I feel better again. I honestly feel like the medicine that was supposed to help my PTSD, anxiety, depression, blood infection, ADD, and so on just really made me worse. I think I became so reliant on the pills “curing” me that I lost sight of bettering myself. I deviated from my path of enlightenment and I began feeling worse about myself than ever before. Death started to cross my mind more often than not, and the strong girl I used to be was lost. She was consumed by all the toxins entering into my body. I allowed myself to become weak and vulnerable, but not anymore. I am going to get back to the girl I used to be. I am going to keep striving and trying to empower myself. I am regaining hope and I do not want to lose that. 


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