I am drowning in homework, and in order to make up for one credit hour I had to petition and fight to get a late add into another online class. Since my schedule kept changing to meet the graduation requirements for the review board, I ended up being short one credit hour from graduating in December and I could not let that happen. Anyways, so now my work load that was already steep and consuming my life even more intensely than before and I am beyond overwhelmed. I have been so stressed and terrified about my petition not getting approved through all the different departments and representatives, but luckily it did. Anyways, I have been falling behind because my mom has been driving me crazy by demanding this and that and so on. On top of that, I am expected to take my cousin everywhere and do everything for him, which is ridiculous. I am not the only one in this house and I barely have time to sleep. I have been lucky enough to get five hours of sleep in the past three days, and I can’t even rest because I have to study my ass off. I feel as though parents have the misconception that college is easy, but it’s not. There is a lot of work that comes along with it, and a lot of studying involved if you want to do well. My parents treat school as if it’s just another one of my hobbies. 

School is enough to deal with on its own; therefore, it would be nice if I didn’t have such a dysfunctional “family.” If you could even call us a family.. Just because you share blood doesn’t mean you’re family. The way I get treated, you would think I was gum stuck to the bottom of their shoe. Tonight, I had just gotten back from Starbucks because I needed more coffee for another all-night and my mom exploded on me because I forgot water. A couple of days ago I went grocery  shopping, but I didn’t make a list like I normally do so when I got home I forgot a decent amount of things. One of which was more water, but I’ve been either gone taking my cousin places or getting our hair done that I forgot to stop at the store so she went off on me about never doing what she says. She says I am an ugly, ungrateful pig. Told me I was giving her attitude, so she was taking my car away. I didn’t even give her attitude because I never responded to her.. I instantly started crying because I had such a rough day and I just needed to break down. So I walked to my room so I could just get away from the chaos and she followed me into my room just to insult me more. Welcome back momster. It’s been quite a while since you’re anger escalated to this level, I wonder if she will start hitting me again. Is she going to start throwing objects at me again? Is she going to punch me like she used to growing up? Am I going to be slapped around some more? You’re already reverting back to your old ways, may as well do it completely. My parents are insane. Living in this house again is driving me down a dark road. I am already planning my escape, and they will never see it coming. Once I am gone, I am never looking back again. 


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