You are not obligated to my vagina..

When will people realize that the title of boyfriend/girlfriend does not mean your partner is obligated to have sex with you? Sex should always be consensual between both partners, and rape can occur in relationships and marriages. For a guy to assume just because you date that you have to be his sex slave whenever is very demeaning. Life is not a porno. Women are real human beings, and we are not going to spread are legs whenever you tell us to. if you say “open up,” I will not reply “how wide?” Let’s make that clear. Relationships should be built on the basis of mental, emotional, and spiritual connections. A physical connection through sex is not a necessity for a strong and healthy relationship. If sex was so important, virgins or those who abstain would not be capable of having partners. I have been guilty of letting guys use my body as I lie there numb and try to remain focused on something else, and no one else should experience that. I did not respect myself or realize the different variations of no. I did not realize that I could deny my boyfriend at the time, and so on. I have always been guilty of being a people pleaser, and I would easily be made to feel bad for denying a guy of what he wanted. I would be made to feel like a tease, even though I didn’t intentionally cause a boner. Anyways, If you want to build a deeper, more intimate connection and your partner doesn’t accept that then move on honey. Life is too short to waste your precious soul on someone who doesn’t respect you or your values. Never give in to something that you do not want full heartedly. 


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