Scattered pieces of chaos

I cracked and shattered my phone today. It’s a representation of my life; my life is nothing but a scattered mess. I am an incomplete puzzle, lacking pieces to pull me back together again. I continue to search for anything that could fill the void of the missing puzzle pieces in hope of happiness, but continue to fail. Who am I? Where’s the rest of me ? Will I ever find out? Am I destined to remain a lost, wandering soul? I can say I have looked in all the wrong places, but where are the right places? How is one to know? People say you discover who you are from within, but I am a collection of paradoxes. I can’t determine which part of me is my true self and which part of me is who I dream to be… My therapist says not all things are meant to have answers or reasonings behind them, but I think otherwise. The universe is based off of reasoning, because one situation can influence another or alter another which can change the whole course of ones life. The reasoning may not be definitive, but it exists. 


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