Family is just another word ..

   I say I’m not sure what caused the drift between me and my sister, but I know exactly what it is. She became this person I’m unfamiliar with. Success and money got to her head. On top of that, I am trying to live a life of positivity to balance out all the negatives in my life and she emits negative frequencies. I became disgusted with her behavior as I watched her continuously post childish things on Facebook as if she is better than everyone. If someone wants to spread lies about you, then so what? Entertaining them only makes you look as foolish as they do. Putting your business all over social media isn’t any better. The drama that occurs between you and coworkers should not be broadcast, because that could always come back and bite you in the ass.      In addition, I have been at a low point in my life and she was not there for me. She continued to tell me, “get over it,” “no one has time for that Kiki,” “I’m not dealing with this right now,” “you better not be this way around your niece and nephew.” I was broken. I was cutting heavily again, I found out I had a blood infection, an autoimmune disease (possibly lupus) and she was not there for me. Her best friend has lupus, so she knows the struggle. She was there for her friend, creating a go fund me, always visiting her, putting together a charity event, and so forth. Yet as my health continued to deteriorate as I spent months in and out of hospitals, never once did she ask if I was doing okay. As doctors continuously failed to find answers for my ailments, never did she call to see how I was handling it all. I always viewed her like a mother since she raised me. My best friend,t support system, and my rock then she failed me. She tossed me to the curb as I sat there bleeding out, because I could not handle the picking and prodding anymore. I couldn’t handle the cards I kept being dealt by life. I needed her more than I ever needed her, and she abandoned me. Yet, now because I am unable to support her for her promotion ceremony I have been removed from her life. She hasn’t been there for me, so why should I drop everything for her? I’m ill and I’m overwhelmed with my final semester of school. Now, she will not speak with me and I am unable to contact my niece and nephew. They are my life. My moon and my stars, and for her to be so spiteful is just pathetic. Family isn’t supposed to be this way. 


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