I want to remember every inch of you.. 

“There is no life with you”This quote can be perceived in two ways. The first, without you I feel dead. Most people would interpret the quote in that way, but not me. What if you believed in past lives? Or soul mates? If I felt as though I met my soul mate then when I embraced him and reminded him, “there is no life without you,” I would be referring to the idea of us finding one another in each life lived. Past lives, future lives, we would find one another or my life would not be complete.
“I have to remember the smell of every part of your body.”

When I am faced with your absence, my mind will know but my senses will not. My senses would heighten in your absence; my reality would be altered. I would give into the illusion that you are still in my presence. I will smell your cologne lingering in the room. I would smell the scent of your shampoo on your favorite pillow. My skin will suddenly remember the feeling of my hands running through your hair. I will smell the distinct odor that only belongs to you. The odor that I have become so accustomed to. I would remember the feeling of our skin against one another’s. I will still be able to feel your heart beat against my ear as if I am still resting my head upon your chest. Reality is not always what it is made out to be. I want to keep you with me longer, even if it is just a memory. I want to know your body the same way I know mine. I want to graze my fingers across every scar. I want to feel the hair rising on your arms. I want to be able to close my eyes and picture you with great detail. I want to remember the curve of your lips, the shape of your eyes, the way your skin tastes as I nibble on you, the arch of your eyebrows, your laugh, your touch. 


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