To Derick,

  In the years that I’ve followed you, I have always admired you as a person. You have always been driven from what I’ve read in your tweets. You seem to be one of the very lucky individuals that has found his many passions in life and is able to embark on a life involving those passions. I used to wish I had you as a friend in my life, because I surrounded myself with the wrong crowd and my judgment was easily persuaded. Not a lot of people my age have goals and actually strive to make them a reality, so I guess I felt as though having role models like that in my life would be very beneficial for me. You are definitely a prime example of a good man, and I hope you achieve all that you work for and remain happy. It’s crazy to see how you have grown and yet I don’t even truly see the change, because it’s all social media. I remember when you were producing (correct me if I’m wrong) and now you are soon to be owning your own realty company. That’s very admirable. There’s people twice your age that have yet to accomplish the things you have within your life. The values instilled in you is lost in many men of our generation, so it’s always a breath of fresh air to see that not all men lack promise. I also appreciate your mind. I feel as though the words I’m unable to speak, you say in your tweets. It’s also cool for when I get lazy, then I can just stalk your Twitter. Lol. You’re a smart man with a good heart, and I can see great things happening for you in the future. Most people strive for money, but you’re a humble being and you strive for a better future and not the materialistic aspects of it all. I wish I could have gotten to know you better, because I enjoy picking the brains of people. 

– Keyona 


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