Bonnie and Clyde

I can’t believe it, I rescued two dogs. It all started on May 15th when I saw a picture Joanna Krupa reposted of Bonnie and Clyde. The caption told their story about how they were two best friends that came into the shelter together, but were separated. The dogs had become so depressed, and since they had been at the shelter for two months they were now code red. Code red is when a deadline created by the shelter has been reached and the dogs are then scheduled to be put down. There was no way in hell I was going to let these dogs be killed because they weren’t adopted within two months. Luckily, all my comments finally reached Joanna and she replied asking if I could still get them. When I received her messages on Saturday, I started to freak out. I could not believe I was about to save two dogs. Social media does wonders, regardless of how much people bash it. On Sunday, I packed a bag and kidnapped my friend Aj then headed to Miami. The trip felt as if it was never going to end; I was extremely anxious. Not only was I saving these two dogs, but they were saving me as well. Although I was told Bonnie had heart worms, I did not care. There was nothing that could keep me from them, I was already in love by just seeing their picture.

Arriving at the shelter was very bittersweet. I was elated about adopting Bonnie and Clyde, but seeing all the other dogs caged up broke my heart. I truly wish I could save them all. I can definitely see myself becoming a dog lady. Owning pets is similar to having kids, but with fur. Picking them up made me so happy, but that was overshadowed by the fear in their eyes. These poor dogs had endured so much and they were terrified. I could not make any sudden movements, because it would cause them to flinch. It was hard at first to realize it will take time for them to become comfortable with me, but it still hurt. I wanted to smother them in enough love to help them forget their past. I wish I could erase all of the bad times from their memory. I hate that every day they are triggered by something and feel as though they have to either hide or become defensive. I understand them though, because I suffer from PTSD and it’s not easy. You always have a guard up, because you can’t bear to appear vulnerable ever again. Now, I am here to protect them and they are here to protect me. For once, I can leave my house without fear when I have them with me. My bad days are less frequent now; dogs cure depression. I am so happy to have Bonnie and Clyde in my life now.

Unfortunately, the next morning I noticed some swelling on Clyde where he had just been neutered and I started going crazy. Then I looked at Bonnie and saw all of her bruising and that’s when the panic attack occurred. I messaged Joanna pictures, because I was so paranoid. I had never dealt with anything such as this, so she told me to take them both to the vet for check ups. This is when it all went downhill….

Bonnie and Clyde were completely covered in ticks. The medical records for the dogs had been botched. The shelter claimed to give vaccinations that they did not give, and they said they removed a small tumor from

Bonnie but the large tumor was still there. I started crying when the vet was able to grasp the tumor in her hands. The check up turned into a three hour examination. Numerous tests were taken, and all the vaccinations were now up to date. We were able to set up the staging for Bonnie’s heart worm treatment. Staging is when we go in and have blood work and x-Rays done on Bonnie to determine if she is eligible for the treatment. The blood work determines whether or not her body can handle the injections, and the x-Rays help us to determine the stage of her heart worms. Luckily, the heart worms had not reproduced or affected the lining of her lungs so she was diagnosed as Stage One. This meant she was eligible and will only need two visits for treatment instead of four. There’s no such thing as happily ever after though… You can’t enjoy happiness without a little pain. The doctor took me back to the office to view Bonnie’s X-rays and it showed that she had a bullet inside of her. The bullet is under her 15th rib, and three inches away from her spine. I felt my body shut down; I broke down. I could not believe someone would actually shoot a dog! Bonnie is my baby girl, I wanted to find this monster so badly. I admire her though, she is invincible. Bonnie has heart worms, a tumor, and a bullet inside her yet she still manages to care for everyone else. There is nothing that can keep her down. I definitely held her for about ten minutes once we got home and continued crying into her fur. 

At this point in time, I am the fourth law suit being prepared against Miami-Dade Animal Services for their misconduct and abuse against the animals being held in the shelter. They have lied about records, withheld information, failed to administer the required vaccinations, and performed surgeries improperly. There was quite a few things brought to my attention and I could not fathom the idea that people could do such inhumane acts to animals. 

I have learned the importance of adoption rather than buying a pet. There are so many animals being killed, because they are not adopted within a certain amount of time that need families to love them. All I can think about now is all the other animals still suffering at MDAS. I want to inform others of the truth behind shelters, and I want to help save the remaining animals from that hell hole. Regardless of where you live, you have the ability to rescue an animal from Miami. @urgentdogsofmiami constantly updated their Instagram with posts about the dogs who still need homes, and they have a page for the cats as well linked to their account. Transportation services are available to bring the animal to you. Majority of the dogs also have sponsors who will pay for the adoption fees and transportation fees. It’s amazing to see how much can be accomplished by uniting through social media. Animals have been given second chances, and the opportunity to find a home filled with love. 
Update: Bonnie is completely terrified by thunder so whenever it storms she squeezes herself under my bed. It is soooo cute. She will stay there until the storm has completely subsided. Clyde is very protective and is always on guard by my side. I have registered him as a PTSD service dog. He loves to jump into my bed and take over, so that I am barely on the bed. He’s my baby boy though. I call Bonnie and Clyde my little bandits. I love them. 


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