Dormant, Not Dead

I love this so much.

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A couple of weeks ago I took a hike in one of my favorite parks.  A bad storm came through the area last summer and the park was closed for several months because of all the trees that were knocked down.   In many spots on the trails you have to walk through 3-foot gaps that have been chain-sawed out of fallen trees.

Some trees have been entirely ripped from the ground.  Their gnarled roots point up to the blue sky instead of down into the rich, black soil that was their home.  Some of the trees are leaning, and it’s hard to know if they will recover.  Every tree in the park looks dead, however, whether standing tall or almost horizontal.  They are still in their winter dormant period, resting and waiting.  It’s nature’s way.

So it is with people.

Faith – The strongest faith can have periods of doubt…

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