Anita Mechler: The Problems with “Enough”

I am so happy I came across this post because using the term “not enough” has always been my feelings for anything I fail. You and your boyfriend break up and you feel as though you aren’t enough. A coworker gets promoted over you and once again, you think you’re not enough. You get a new job that you always desire and like most women you downplay it by saying, “I am so glad I was lucky enough to get this job.” My therapist says I focus too much on the things I can’t change and that I need to focus on all of my accomplishments. I wish a movement could be started to stop the use of enough as an attack upon yourself. I know I will focus more on what I say and try my hardest to keep that word from ever describing me again.

Drinkers with Writing Problems

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the word “enough” and how it is used to say something about a person’s worth. More specifically, I’m talking about when women, from my casual observation, use the phrase “lucky enough” when they are discussing their professional accomplishments or regarding upcoming collaborations or having the opportunity to give a presentation on their work. I’m also talking about personal put downs that start with the word not and end with the word enough (“not pretty enough”, “not smart enough”, “not skinny enough”).

It has started to bother me that women don’t credit themselves for a myriad of their accomplishments or their presence as a valuable human being. When I see someone announcing that they were “lucky enough” to get a certain job or get asked to work on a prestigious project, I just want to scream, “STOP SAYING LUCKY ENOUGH! I KNOW you and I KNOW…

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