Contradicting asshole…

I am so confused. Guys are completely stupid. I really thought I had a good friend. We bonded so well and he was always there to help me with my problems, so I thought. Then after he told me he wanted to have sex with me, it just all went downhill. We didn’t even do it, so I don’t understand. But after I heard some things he said about me at work to a coworker, I tried to talk to him like an adult but he ditched me. He’s like you should have just confronted me at work. Uhm, no because that’s unprofessional and not the appropriate time. So then we drifted and I eventually just stopped talking to him. So he was also 1 of the 7 people I wrote letters to per my therapists advice. He told me he thought I was coming on too strong, but then he contradicted himself by saying I just stopped talking to him out of nowhere. How can you get mad at me for not talking to you then say I am coming on too strong? I am literally so confused. I’m just like honestly I enjoyed the friendship we had, smoke and chill. We just talked about life and whatever. I’m not quite sure how it all changed so abruptly but it’s really stupid. I told him I’m not sure how I came on strong when we weren’t talking, but like I told you when you asked me before “I don’t have feelings for you. I don’t like you in that way. I like you as a person because we can relate to each other a lot.” He’s like well that one day you called and asked to hang out. I was like “idiot, that’s the day you said you were free so we could talk but you ended up standing me up like wtf.” So I guess you aren’t allowed to call friends to hang out because they think you want to marry them or some shit; Even if they pick the day. Lol. This dude has issues. I give up on making new friends dude. 


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