sex is just sex…

since my car is totaled and I am beyond bored being trapped in this apartment since my card got cancelled because of identity theft….. I gave in and said “fuck it” when my ex asked to come over. Gotta get it when you can. I guess. Now we are heading to Starbucks so I can read while he studies plus I get a free frap. Does that make me a prostitute ? If I receive something after the sex? Also, his driving is fucking scary. He got his new Camaro and forgot how to fucking drive. And the music is so loud I can barely hear myself think. The struggle. 


One thought on “sex is just sex…

  1. Don’t sweat it, have some good sex, free your mind of stress, and tomorrow is another day! Use contraception! This guy is not for you to spend the rest of your life with!

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