Open to Yourself.

Honest Wanderings

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My darling, it is essential that you open to yourself now.

It’s not even about you, or your wellbeing. It’s about the wellbeing of the world; of those around you.

This self-deprivation of love and appreciation casts you out of your own heart, leaves you homeless. It sends you out on the streets, begging for the love that you need. The love that everyone needs.

It drives you to twist people and situations to your own ends.

It drives you mad with need, to be seen, to be loved, to be–yes–adored.

If only you would stop denying this love from your very own self: All of this could end.

How could it be more dangerous to risk seeing and appreciating your own goodness; how could it be more harmful than this endless, desperate wandering of the streets, looking for someone, anyone, to finally hold up a mirror and…

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