No Light at the End of the Tunnel


Finally I was there.
But there was no door to the tunnel
that I had come to from a far.
Many mountains I had to swallow
my throat was parched with no words.
Many rivers I had to walk through
I emptied my blood, there was not enough water.
I looked at my feet I had not worn
my hands I had not clutched
and to see the tunnel at last
that would lead me to the light
at the end
was a sigh I was afraid to expel.

I saw him at the entrance
this strange man who was my twin.
Was it a hallucination ? How could this be ?
We looked the same, barely clothed
carrying imprints of the earth
clawed by the wind.
I looked at him and then at me.
Words. I thought I would never see
uttered through lips, sought me.
“I am your…

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