Something died in my trash can… 

I came home for work to an odor that filled the entire apartment. I thought maybe my roommate was cooking some of her nasty smelling foods again, but nope.. I checked the garbage disposal and dishwasher, still nothing. I made sure there wasn’t dirty dishes in the sink with food still on it. Then when I went to throw something away, I smelled it. The trash can literally smelled as if something died in there. I didn’t feel like digging through all the stuff she threw away to see what exactly it was, but my gosh. My friend and I kept gagging and it was just horrid. My friend even took the trash out for me and the garage can still wreaked. I kept burning incense all over the apartment and even those weren’t strong enough to hide this odor. She did suddenly get rid of her dog….. You never know. Just kidding, but it smelled as though it could’ve been my poor Nyla.


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