Finally !

I figured it’s about time I finally share my thoughts on a blog rather than send emails or pictures of my journals. Now, I can connect with the whole world through my thoughts and feelings towards certain situations. My life is all over the place, and so is my writing. I can talk about love, heartache, history, or whatever all in one post. I try to blame it on the ADD, but it’s just the way I am. As I sit here writing this post and trying to customize this blog (which is giving me a headache), I am basically going through another break up. I swear ending friendships is a lot worse than ending a relationship. So much more is at stake when a friendship is on the chopping block. You realize that person that you have shared so much of your life with will no longer be there. You realize now when you have so much to say, you can’t call them. I wish things didn’t have to be this way, but I am only able to take so much pain from one person. I tried to reason with him, so he could stay in my life but he will never admit his wrongdoings. He will never own up to the way he verbally abused me. He can’t accept that words can really break a person down. His mindset is kind of like throwing baseballs at a window, but expecting it to never shatter. Actions do lead to consequences. I realize I have lost a lot of friends within the past few years. Maybe it is just me…


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