3/6/15 …

And the thing that made me know we really connected was the first time we hung out, he went through my medicine cabinet and looked at all the prescription bottles on my dresser and goes, “key, are you crazy?” And I said, “I think all of us are a little bit crazy..” So he said, “what kind of crazy are you?” I replied, “depends on the person. But to most people I’m just the weird kind of crazy. I’m the kind of crazy bc of my bizarre thoughts.” He responded, “are you depressed?” And I said “not as much anymore.” I don’t know, something about that conversation made me feel comfortable enough to open up to him. Plus, him opening up to me about his past really put things into a new perspective. I realized I took my life for granted. I took my childhood for granted. I took my birthday parties, Christmases, thanksgiving dinners, my toys, my parents, everything… I took it all for granted. I needed to realize that. I needed to tell my parents and my sister how much I love and appreciate them, because I don’t do it enough. I need to let them in and stop being so guarded. 


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